Writing Contest

The theme for 2014 was “My Journey on the Kansas Plains.” Students were encouraged to write a short story about what life would have been like for them and their friends back in the early days of our statehood.

Information for the 2015 Writing Contest will be released January 5 and the contest will run through April 30.

2014 Winners:
3rd-5th grades
1st – Rebecca Krohn (Dist 1), Nadiya Al-Murrani (Dist 2), Lily Kuhn (Dist 3)
2nd – Gabriel McReynolds (Dist 1), Annika Peterson (Dist 2)

6th-8th grades
1st – Allison Bomgardner (Dist 1), Phillip Pyle (Dist 2), Brogan Thomas (Dist 3), Makenna Beesley (Dist 4)
2nd – Maya Lock (Dist 1), Hanna Davault (Dist 2)

9th-12th grades
1st – Breann Becker (Dist 1), Naomi Weigand (Dist 2), Samuel Brazell (Dist 4)
2nd – Kent Willmeth (Dist 1), Bailey Freeman (Dist 2)